2024 Ningbo International Stationery Fair concluded perfectly, and the "Super Meeting Room" showed its powerful appeal again.

The annual global stationery industry event - 2024 Ningbo International Stationery Fair, has been successfully closed at 16:00 on 29 March 2024 in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The exhibition lasted for three days and welcomed visitors from all over the world, with a final count of 36,065 visitors and 46,124 visits, which is a new historical data.

"Super Meeting Room" continues to show its strong appeal

Looking back on 21 years, Ningbo Stationery Fair has created a deep bond with many stationery people at home and abroad. It has become a "super meeting room" for stationery manufacturers, brands, agents, channel dealers, importers and exporters at home and abroad to release new products, communicate and meet with each other, study the trend, trade and purchase, and we are happy to meet old friends and make new friends. Exhibition period of three days, from Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Fujian and other 14 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of the 1610 exhibitors to display hundreds of thousands of exhibits, the number of professional buyers 29,649 people, including 584 overseas buyers.

"We have participated in the Ningbo Stationery Fair for nearly 20 years, and it is a very good platform for its professionalism as well as the gathering of customers. It gathers almost all the mainstream stationery manufacturers in China, which makes it convenient for us to serve the companies we work with in close proximity and consult to discuss new products." Yang Hong, manager of Shanghai Sakura Chen New Material Co., Ltd. said in an interview that every year the exhibition not only meets some old friends of many years, but also makes some new friends to talk about the trend of the industry and the new products they need Sakura Chen for technical support and product support.

Speciality Zone, Prospecting the Future of the Industry

Based on a high degree of outlook on the development of the industry and the deep excavation of market demand, 2024 Ningbo International Stationery Fair has created and relaunched the "Art & Painting Materials & Educational Toys Featured Zone" for the first time in Hall 2 and Hall 2/3, focusing on art & painting materials and educational toys, and attracting more than 200 high-quality enterprises in the industry, presenting the audience with a feast of aesthetics and creativity.

"This is our second time to participate in the Ningbo Stationery Exhibition, feel the scene popularity is still quite prosperous, a few salesmen from the morning basically did not stop over, that Ningbo Stationery Exhibition in the stationery circle is still a great influence, but also thanks to the organisers to provide us with such a good platform." Guangzhou City, the United States to help pray for the rich instrument Co., Ltd. product manager Zhan Dacheng said, I hope the Ningbo Stationery Exhibition can be done more and more fine, the painting materials this category bigger and stronger.

In addition to this special exhibition area, the show also divided Hall 6 into "processing equipment exhibition area", focusing on stationery processing and packaging equipment, upstream raw materials and accessories and other products.

There are also the main production pavilions concentrated by industrial base, including "Ninghai Stationery Pavilion (Hall 4)", "Hangzhou Fenshui Pen Pavilion (Hall 7)", "Wuyi Educational Products Pavilion (Hall 7)", "Qingyuan Pencil Pavilion (Hall 7)" and so on. ""Qingyuan Pencil Exhibition Area (Hall 7)"" and so on.

"This is my third time to come to Ningbo Stationery Exhibition, today strolling down the overall feeling is still good, come to the exhibitors are also a lot of enterprises." Lin Liangjie, marketing director of Blue Pigeon Boutique, hoped that the Ningbo Stationery Fair would be clearer in the future in terms of the planning of the exhibition area, so as to facilitate professional buyers to find the suppliers they need.

“Made in China" still occupies the mainstream of the international market

In the face of changes in the international market, China's stationery enterprises to change, expand R & D investment and market expansion efforts to improve the supply chain system, high quality and low-cost stationery products, attracting many overseas buyers to the Ningbo procurement, so that "Made in China" still occupy the mainstream of the international market.

Three days of the exhibition, attracted a total of 584 overseas buyers from Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States, Russia, Japan, Iran, the United Kingdom and other 64 countries and regions, including 8 overseas purchasing groups and a number of global stationery and gift industry channel giants.

This is our third year to attend the Ningbo Stationery Fair, and the harvest is very rich. We met a lot of regular customers from overseas, as well as customers from foreign trade companies in Ningbo. Because our factory is mainly orientated to the overseas market, the positioning of the Ningbo Stationery Fair with foreign trade as the main vane is very much in line with our needs." Zhong Jielong, general manager of Jieyang Baihang Stationery Co., Ltd. said that he met overseas big brand buyers at the Ningbo Stationery Fair, and after exchanging ideas, he was more interested in co-operation, which made the trip to Ningbo worthwhile.

"This is our second decade to participate in Ningbo Stationery Fair, the exhibition effect is not bad. Over the years, Ningbo Stationery Fair overseas buyers also began to more, before the other large foreign exhibitions on the old guests, this year very unexpectedly appeared in the Ningbo Stationery Fair, and I hope that next year there are more foreigners to come here." Li Zhijian, general manager of Wuyi County Sanchang Stationery Supplies Factory, said that for local enterprises in Zhejiang, Ningbo's geographical location is very convenient for exhibitors and other aspects.

National tide linkage, IP co-branding and technological innovation stimulate new momentum in the industry.

There was a constant flow of buyers on site, and the atmosphere was always at boiling point. Based on the 21st Ningbo Stationery Fair's accumulated exhibition experience and brilliant achievements, this year's show still attracted many famous domestic brands to the show. Exhibitors hoped to promote their brand image through special decoration and the latest products on the Ningbo Stationery Fair floor, and many of them brought practical and novel stationery products.

Changjiang Paper (Booth No. H1-721) is a private enterprise specialising in the production of paper products and cultural goods. This year's exhibition brought original IP products such as the "Shanhaichuan" series and "Nogawa" series with national style themes. High-value cultural and creative products paired with the well-decorated booth attracted many purchasers of books and pamphlets to stop and consult.

In addition to the classic straight liquid ballpoint pens, White Snow Stationery (Booth No. H8-221) also frequently launched new products. The PVP-525 soft-tip straight liquid highlighter on display attracted many inquiries. The product adopts an axe-shaped nib, with six commonly used fluorescent colours to choose from, a freely controllable thick and thin line, a silky smooth pen, and a consistent colour of the handwriting. The new BP10 colour soft-tip highlighter, with its soft nib that is not easy to split, direct liquid ink control and replaceable ink capsule, is suitable for a variety of scenarios.

Rainbow Stationery (Booth No. H4-111) is committed to becoming a leading brand of automatic and smart stationery with the mission of "Creating Easy Stationery Time". At this year's show, they will bring their latest IP co-branding - the Milk Dragon Automatic Stationery Set. The automatic pencil sharpener is upgraded to a large calibre, which can sharpen both thick and thin pens; the nib is adjustable in three grades to meet different writing needs; and it has a strong endurance, which can be charged for 2 hours and can sharpen pens for more than 600 times. Can be described as a major breakthrough in technology.

Superior (Booth No. H1-421), was selected as the designated drawing material of Shanghai Xu Beihong Art Centre. Superior brought many new products to this exhibition. The new woodless full-core pastel pencils and pastel sticks are widely loved by purchasers of painting materials for their excellent performance; the new upgraded markers are richer in colour and more durable in texture; the watercolour paints have undergone new adjustments and have been greatly upgraded in terms of both texture and colour. The various new and upgraded products on display at this exhibition allow buyers to experience the latest painting tools and materials, bringing more creative possibilities to professional painters and art lovers!

Yiwu Xuan Yang (Booth No. H2-219) presented a series of educational board games under the brand of Foxglove at the exhibition, among which, the board games of Global Travel series, including all provinces, municipalities, special administrative regions, and a total of 36 board games of China and Global Travel. Compared with the same type of board games, the gameplay is more innovative, the display props are more abundant, and its drama is stronger.

2025 Ningbo Stationery Fair, new friends and old friends meet again!

The time of gathering is always short, but every wonderful moment will be fixed in the river of time. 2024 Ningbo International Stationery Fair has drawn a perfect conclusion with the deep participation of industry colleagues at home and abroad. Once again, we would like to thank all the industry organisations for their strong support, all the on-site staff for their hard work day and night, and all the guests, partners and media friends for their contribution to the development of the global stationery industry!

2025 Ningbo International Stationery Fair will be held on 19-21 March 2025, using all the exhibition halls and part of the outdoor area of Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Centre, full of exhibition halls, the scale of the exhibition will continue to lead the global stationery industry exhibitions. Let's look forward to next year when the spring and scenery, stationery people gathered in Yongcheng again!

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