Ningbo Port to expand opening, including three port areas: Pingshan, Xiangshan Port and Shipu

From the Ningbo Port Office was informed that a few days ago, the State Council (PRC) approved the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, agreed to expand the opening up of the port of Ningbo, expanding through the mountain, Xiangshan Port and Shipu three port areas open area of 58.13 square kilometres.

Photo courtesy of Municipal Port Office

Among them, Xiangshan Port Area and Shipu Port Area are the first port areas approved to be opened to the outside world, which marks the opening of all the eight port areas of Ningbo Port, and Ningbo Zhoushan Port adds new momentum to the world's first-class port.

According to the approval of the State Council, this time a total of five key projects are involved, such as No. 1 berth of container terminal in Pingshan Port Area, Xinle Shipyard and Dazhongzhuang Wharf in Xiangshan Port Area, New Port Wharf in Shipu Port Area, and 10,000-tonne wharf of China Supply and Marketing Group.

After the approval, Ningbo Port Port will add 1894 metres of open coastline, open to the public 9 berths, annual container throughput capacity of 620,000 TEUs, cargo throughput capacity of 3 million tonnes.

It is reported that Ningbo Port Port is the largest harbour port in Zhejiang Province, consisting of Ningbo River, Zhenhai, Beilun, Daxie, Wenshan, Meishan, Xiangshan Port, Shipu eight port areas, with large, medium and small matching all kinds of operational berths 312, of which open to the outside world (including the temporary opening of) berths

119 berths are open to the public (including temporary opening).

Since the "14th Five-Year Plan", Ningbo port opening up to the outside world has set off a new wave of climax, presenting a large number of openings, expanding the characteristics of the region. Specifically, the new opening up of 1 berth, temporary opening or opening up of 10 berths, including more than 100,000 tonnes of large berths 5. At the same time, the new annual container throughput capacity of nearly 5 million TEUs, cargo throughput capacity of nearly 30 million tonnes. Port "hard core" strength continues to strengthen.

Photo courtesy of Municipal Port Office

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Ports Office, the approved opening-up project at the end of 2022, reported by the provincial government to the State Council, is the "14th Five-Year Plan" during the first batch of open projects reported by the province, but also the city's first reported after 10 years of opening-up project, less than a year to be approved by the State Council.

The next step, Ningbo will accelerate the port acceptance of the preliminary work, in accordance with the requirements of the national port inspection and supervision, seriously implement the port inspection infrastructure construction, rectification, so that the project as soon as possible with the opening up of the conditions for acceptance, the early passage of the national inspection and acceptance, as soon as possible to release the production capacity, and accelerate the construction of open economic development in Ningbo new heights, new advantages.

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